Our Mission

Building the youth for God through Christian Education.

Our Vision

Providing excellent academic curriculum, balanced with a challenge physical development training and exciting nourishment that develops the spirit as well as the mind, in a Christian environment

The School

Build and Mould Students for God

Emmanuel International College was founded and established in 1995 as an affiliate of El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries by Dr. James O. James. It is a Co-educational Private College for children between the ages of 10 and 16 years for J.S 1 - 3 and S.S 1 - 3 respectively. The school is located in a quiet, serene environment within Jos, Plateau State. The school is aimed at the furtherance of educational reformation, committed to the pursuit of internationally accepted standard in academic excellence and life skill, spiritual growth and character development.The children are stimulated to grow spiritually, challenged academically and given freedom to express themselves in creative arts. Civilized, responsible, intelligent and disciplined set of students which in no small measure will become tomorrow's honourable citizens, each with a properly groomed character is highly aimed for....

The El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries

El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries was founded in 1986 by Dr. James Iruobe. The Ministry has its focus on building a people for god, through the institutionalized of some units founded and run on scriptural principles that positively and directly affect the society.

In its bid to transform the society and build a people for God, the ministry has diverse areas of operations to achieve this goal, such as Mass Media, Education and Training Welfare Services cum-social rehabilitation.

El-Shaddai Covenant Ministries, today has its headquarters at No 12 Kudira Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Even though the college is a Christian College, it is open to person of other faiths, provided Christian teaching are highly upheld.
1. To stimulate growth in the knowledge and services of our Lord Jesus Christ by injecting the spirit of Christian fulfillment and happiness.
2. To produce well exposed, civilized, responsible, intelligent and disciplined sets of students who will become honourable citizens of their community, equipped to cope with the diversities of the world around them.
3. To fully develop a groomed character, through balanced comprehensive educational
4.Create conducive milieu for achievement of academic excellence

1. To give an opportunity for students to receive Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.
2. To provide enabling environment for a Christ directed life.
3. To teach the students how to pray and develop Bible reading attitude.
4. To make the desire to please God a primary goal.
5. To live a holy and blameless life.
6. To encourage faithfulness in spirit and loyalty in heart.
7. To provide experiences that would allow children to become worshipers of God.
8. To build and mould students for God.
1. Emmanuel International College is a Christian school and as such students must participate fully in all Christian activities of the school such as attendance of assemblies, observance of quiet time, attendance of fellowship, Sunday worship service.
1. The official language of the school is English. It is an offence for any student or staff to speak any other language in the school compound except in French and Nigerian language classes.
2. It is an offence for a student NOT to belong to any club or society in the school. E.g. Literary and Debating Society, Drama, Music, Jets, Environmental club, Young Farmers club.
3. The visiting day which is also the OPEN DAY/PTA meeting and MID-TERM BREAK is normally fixed by the school. Parents should consult with the school's calendar.
4. In case of any emergency Parent's/Guardians who may want to see their children/wards on days other than visiting day must seek clearance from the principal or the house parents.
5. Overnight exit will be authorized by the principal and/or the house parents after formal request and due processes.
6. Any student who receives unauthorized visitor(s) will be suspended for 7 days.
7. It is an offence for any student to leave the school premises without seeking due permission and authorization. 3 weeks suspension.
8. It is an offence for any student to disobey constituted authority of the school, that is staff and prefects of the school: manual labour for 1 day, wash hostel toilets for 6 weeks, 6 strokes of the cane for the student at the end of the washing.
9. The name of any student that contravenes the rules and regulations of the school will be recorded in the black book (Record of 3 times will result in expulsion).
The College runs both Junior and Senior Secondary programmes of six years duration divided into two stages of 3 years each. The College runs both Junior and Senior Secondary programmes of six years duration divided into two stages of 3 years each.
1. Junior Secondary School (J.S.) 3 years.
2. Senior Secondary School (S.S.) 3 years.
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Hausa
4. Introductory Technology
5. Physical and Health Education
6. Integrated Science
7. Social Studies
8. Fine Art
9. Computer Science
10. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
11. Agricultural Science
12. Music
13. French

1. Home Economics
2. Business Studies

A maximum of fifteen and a minimum of twelve subjects are to be offered by a student. The student is equally expected to pass at least six subjects i.e. Mathematics, English, Integrated Science, Intro-Tech and any other two subjects before his/her promotion to SS1.

The Senior Secondary School is designed to complement the Junior Secondary School. In the Senior Secondary School Category, each student takes six core subjects and in addition, chooses two or three subjects from the options or electives (i.e. Minimum of eight and maximum of nine subjects given).

Core Subjects of the Curriculum
1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. One Nigerian Language

Either of the Following
4. Physics, Chemistry and Biology
5. Literature-In –English, History and Geography
6. Agricultural Science or Technical Drawing/Foods and Nutrition