Resumption date for first term-2021 academic session is 5th January, 2021

This to inform all our parents that next term begins on the 5th of January, 2021

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Honesty is the the best policy

The following students have shown that “Honesty is the best policy in life”. Each of them found some amount of money (#500, #1000 respectively) at different locations within the school compound and the said amount was joyfully returned back to the rightful owner BACK ROW Deborah Joseph (Jss2), Nentawe Ganzuk (Jss2), Eunice Unoko Ehi (Ss3). FRONT ROW Sarah Leshak (Jss2), Sophia Gupai (Jss2), Naomi F Bitrus (Jss2) Okafor Chidinma (Jss1), and Penyit Kaereknan (Jss1)

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Honesty is the the best policy

The action of the school to appreciate some students who found some amount of money and submitted it to the owners has yielded some results as Israel A. Olusegun, a JSS 1 students also found the sum of #800 and submitted it to the authority.

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THE PROBLEMS OF UNCONTROLLED JUVENILES IN OUR SOCIETY Good day people. My name is Yomi-Olugbodi Eyimofe. And as you can see, I am a juvenile. Maybe I should tell you what a juvenile really means or should I just take it as a fact that we already know what it means? No. I will say it for those who don’t really know the definition. Okay. So a juvenile was defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary as a young person who is not yet fully an adult. We might be thinking that the definition is similar to that of a child. Yes. It is. But it’s a little more different. I want to liken a juvenile to a youth. I don’t mean 30-40-50 year old youth, but teenagers and sometimes adults still in their twenties. My elder brother right there in the front row is twenty-three, and please permit me to say that he is still juvenile. As most of us here know already, I am here to speak with you on the problems of uncontrolled juveniles in the society. Please note that I said “with” you and not “to” you. So I want this to be a two-way talk. I just can’t do all the talking. Can any one tell me what they think uncontrollable or better yet what uncontrolled means? Any one? What about the lady in blue? Can you give it a try? Bless you. Yes. It means without restrictions. No limits. Let me give us an exercise. I want us to imagine a world with no controlled whatsoever. I want us to view with the eyes of our minds, a world where everyone is free to do what he wants. Are you getting me? What do you see? Terrible! Exactly. Wait. That world is even unimaginable for some people. Oui, c’est impossible. But not that impossible. Do you know what the world will be like in the next century? You don’t? Well, I have an idea. I think the world would be that unimaginable place that we can’t imagine right now. The leaders of today, say that we youths are the leaders of tomorrow. But are we really the leaders of that tomorrow? If we really are, why are they not channeling us towards that supposed goal? Why do they leave us to do whatever we want and be destroyed altogether? Do they not care about our country? Do they not care about leaving a heritage for the ones to come? Do they not care that we might follow in their steps and do even worse than they are doing now? My fellow juveniles, these are a few of the questions we should be asking ourselves. Having said that, I want to concentrate the rest of our talk mostly on the real adults that are listening to this. Hey, the bigger ladies and gentlemen. Are you getting me? I’ll ask you a question, and I want you to answer truthfully. Here goes. What do you see when you look at your child, what do you want to see? A delinquent or an addict? None right? That’s good. It shows that we are getting along. Another question. Do we want to see responsible citizens that veer the future of our country towards greatness? Yes. We do. We all do. But I doubt if we or our generations to come will be able to see even an iota of that greatness. Let’s listen please. You get back home after a tiring few days at work and meet the whole house turned upside down. What were you expecting to see when you left a teenager home alone for that period of time? You give them liberty, and that is just in our individual homes. Let’s try that in the world at large and see what happens. It will be disastrous. My time is almost up, so I will quickly run through the other minor effects of uncontrolled juveniles in the society. Juveniles abuse excess liberty given to them and engage in many vices that mar their lives as well as turn the fate of the society to the negative sides. Some teenagers, youths abuse drugs and become addicts, some engage in theft and robbery that when caught, end up in prisons. Others involve in sexual immorality whose punishment is from above. Nobody in their right senses will want this outlook to be the fate dished out to our beloved country in the nearest future. Everyone should work hard to make FRN a better place. Parents, teachers, guardians, and responsible adults in general, I admonish you to keep a watchful eye over the children of nowadays before they turn into something incomprehensible.



THE IMPORTANCE OF READING I am deeply worried by this generation of youths that detest reading. Instead, they spend more of their time in watching television, playing with their phones and playing computer games. Little wonder it was said that if you want to hide anything from the black, put it in a book. What then is reading? Reading is a multifaceted process which involves one’s ability to recognize words, comprehension, and fluency and motivation. It involves one’s ability to make meanings out of printed materials. Reading has more to do with books. In the words of Charles W. Elio “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers”. The place of reading in the development of a person is overwhelming and includes the following among many more: Firstly, anyone who reads a lot gets better than his\her contemporary hence practice makes better. The more you read, the more you know including new things. Reading is a very good way of self improvement. It increases our understanding of things around us. Thus, more reading equals more understanding. Also our communication skill is improved upon. Secondly, reading exercises the brain. Many people’s brain have been so under used that it is becoming rusty. Reading helps the human brain to be more connected. Once our brain is well connected, it helps improve our basic speech skills. This implies that we speak better because our repertoire of knowledge is large our vocabulary is better improved and this leads to more highly developed language skills. Thus one’s mastery of the language is improved. In addition, one’s imaginative capacity is improved by the number of books one reads. Besides, reading improves our academic performance in school. A child that reads a lot tends to perform better than the one that does not. Thirdly, reading relaxes the mind and also helps us to concentrate. When you read a book, you discover that are entertained, informed and educated. Therefore, let us learn to read more. When we read, we develop more logical thinking skill hence we can draw from the experiences of others we have read about. In conclusion, as youths that are aspiring to be the leaders of tomorrow, let us make reading a habit and possibly an addition. It is often said that readers are leaders. Therefore read often so that when you become a leader, you will be very sound. Therefore, read a book today and always read a book. Remember, in the words of tony Amaefule “life becomes better when you know better’’. How can you know better? It is by reading. -Okoine Friday Okosun

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Resumption date for first term-2021 academic session is 5th January, 2021

This to inform all our parents that next term begins on the 5th of January, 2021

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Second and Third Term Results will be available on Thursday, 24th December, 2020

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